The laboratory is dedicated to implementing a quality policy across all its spheres of activity, including research, technical, and administrative domains.

The objectives of the Quality Management System (QMS) are to:

  • fulfill the requirements of all stakeholders, including supervisory bodies, industrial and institutional partners, the scientific community, students, and civil society,
  • develop internal and external communication,
  • strengthen the sense of belonging to the laboratory,
  • develop staff skills and ensure their “workplace well-being”,
  • consolidate technological, financial and human resources.

By achieving the objectives of our QMS through a Continuous Improvement Process (CIP), we can increase the efficiency of our organisation and our activities. Our aim is to remain a key leader in Research and Innovation in the fields of energy conversion.

Following a diagnostic review, the implementation of the QMS led to the mapping of the Laboratory’s processes, the definition of performance indicators and the drafting of quality documents (process sheets, procedures, forms/records, operating instructions). This last stage is currently being finalised.