The research activities carried out at Laplace range from cold plasma physics, materials, electromagnetism and thermodynamics to the innovative design and optimisation of complex energy production and conversion systems (static and/or dynamic), taking into account their environment constraints. This diversity of knowledge and skills enables us to address energy conversion challenges comprehensively, with major and long-term industrial and institutional partnerships in various sectors, including aeronautics and space, transport and embedded systems, energy, the environment and health.

These activities are split into 12 research groups and 4 transversal and differentiating actions (ASTD). The research groups unite scientists who specialize in the research activities they are conducting. The ASTDs allow researchers to address scientific issues that span across research groups and to undertake differentiating and breakthrough activities. The topics investigated by the ASTDs are of a scientific nature, regardless of their applicative scope. Their aim is to cross-disciplinary approaches, to break out of “comfort zones” in order to address fundamental questions and/or develop new fields of research.