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3 December 2020

PNG - 171.9 kb LAPLACE Nominated for an INPI Trophee

LAPLACE was nominated for a Trophee in the Research category awarded by the INPI (Institut National de la Propriété Intellectuelle) The INPI trophees are meant to recompense and increase the value (...)

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2 December 2020

Free Seminaries Organized by the R2P2 Networking Project

The R2P2 networking project (Research and Development of Human Interactive and Sensitive Robotics Taking Advantage of Additive Manufacturing) in which are participating Carole HENAUX, Thomas (...)

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16 April 2021

Matthieu PETTES-DULER’s Thesis Defense

Matthieu PETTES-DULER’s thesis defense, intitled "Conception intégrée optimale du système propulsif d’un avion régional hybride-électrique" (Optimal Integrated Design of the Propulsion System of a (...)

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2 April 2021


Understanding the formation of stardust in the laboratory is one of the objectives of the ERC Synergy Nanocosmos project, coordinated in France by Christine Joblin of IRAP. The Toulousaine team involved in this project has just published a methodology for exploring the mechanisms involved in the addition of a metal in an environment rich in carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and silicon...

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1 April 2021

3D Hybrid Models for Electrical Machines

Théo CARPI’s thesis defense intitled "Modèles 3D hybrides pour les machines électriques" (3D hybrid models for electrical machines) will be taking place on Thursday, 1st of April 2021, from 2 pm. (...)

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5 March 2021

Development of a Space Load Measurement Technique Dedicated to Aeronautic Cables for HVDC On-board Networks

Amin BENYOUCEF’s thesis defense intitled " Développement d’une technique de mesure de charges d’espace dédiée aux câbles aéronautiques destinés aux réseaux de bords HVDC" (Development of a space load (...)

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