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13 September 2021

Deeper PULSE Wins the Grand Prix i-Lab 2021 Award

Laplace-developped Deeper Pulse won major award
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3 December 2020

PNG - 171.9 kb LAPLACE Nominated for an INPI Trophee

LAPLACE was nominated for a Trophee in the Research category awarded by the INPI (Institut National de la Propriété Intellectuelle) The INPI trophees are meant to recompense and increase the value (...)

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17 January 2022

Davin GUEDON’s Thesis Defense

Davin GUEDON’s thesis defense, intitled "Amélioration des performances des convertisseurs HVDC mis en oeuvre pour le raccordement des parcs éoliens offshore lointains : évaluation du potentiel des (...)

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4 January 2022

Static and Dynamic Characterization and Modeling of an Intermediate Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Stack (IT-SOFC)

Jonathan LESMAYOUX’s thesis defense, intitled "Caractérisation et modélisation en régimes statique et dynamique d’un stack pile à combustible à oxyde solide de température intermédiaire (IT-SOFC)" (...)

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6 December 2021

Contribution to the Distributed Fault Tolerant Control of Multiphase Converters Dedicated to the Supply of Microprocessors for Automotive Applications

Miguel MANNES-HILLESHEIM’s thesis defense, intitled "Contribution au contrôle Distribué tolérant à la panne des convertisseurs multiphases dédiés à l’alimentation de microprocesseurs pour application (...)

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18 November 2021

Contribution to the Modeling of the Magnetic Field in Vacuum of Ironless Motors: Applications to the Dimensioning of Axial Flux Ironless Motors for UAVs

Maxime BONNET’s thesis defense intitled "Contribution à la modélisation du champ magnétique à vide de moteurs sans fer : applications aux dimensionnements de moteurs à flux axial sans fer pour drones" (...)

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11 October 2021

Realization of Integrated Fuse Protections on New Monolithic Switching Cells for Power Converters

Amirouche OUMAZIZ, PhD student attached to the CS-Laplace and ISGE-LAAS groups, will defend his thesis on the following subject: "Realization of integrated fuse protections on new monolithic (...)

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