Présentation en session plénière de L. Canale à la conférence EPEi’2024, Octobre, Roumanie

Laurent CANALE (LAPLACE groupe LM) présentera en session plénière à la conférence EPEi (The 13th IEEE International Conference and Exposition on Electrical and Power Engineering), une présentation intitulée : LED lighting, an astonishing story of serendipity at the crossroads of light and telecommunications research

Abstract: LED lighting has invaded our daily lives faster than any other technology has done before. It revolutionizes the lighting profession, disrupts architectural design, transforms our habits, our comfort, our well-being and our uses… But what do you know about this technological revolution? Who first observed and described this electronic light? When ? Who intentionally made a Light Emitting Diode? Who gave it a name? Did you know that his discovery was the result of pure chance from research into wireless telecommunications? Through this surprising history of science, it is the very spirit of scientific research that is brought to light. Research jobs lead us to explore unknown universes and we focus our attention on what we want to find at the risk of missing out on what we are not expecting. The crucible of innovation is found at the interfaces of areas of expertise and relies above all on collaboration and exchange with others, it is a matter of experts knowing how to work in a team and this is exactly where lies the future of lighting.

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