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Respectfully take care of them, you don t have to do anything next yes, young pavilion master hearing this, many starfall pavilion powerhouses immediately responded respectfully after.

Coercion, even the dou zun powerhouse felt his heart tremble the sea of flames filled the air, and under the gaze of countless horrified eyes, xiao yan was in the void, looking at the.

Immediately retreated into the space .

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alive and well maui cbd oil Benefits Of Cbd Gummies Best Cbd Gummies On Amazon cbd oil certified LAPLACE. crack at the same time, a cold and old voice came from it don t worry, I cbd oil skin benefits list will go to that place sooner or later xiao yan looked at the dark space.

Seclusion, that old fellow xuankongzi finally became a semi saint although he is only a junior semi saint, his strength has greatly increased has senior xuankongzi also been promoted to.

Xuan kongzi was not surprised by xiao yan s shocked appearance when he heard about can you detect cbd oil in your system the ancestor s body for the first time, he was also shocked for a long time before he came back to his.

Eyes, the old demon tianming s body swelled rapidly after that, with a bang, it exploded viciously like a barrel of explosives a terrifying energy storm swept away, smashing the frozen.

Afterimages appeared in the sky three thousand thunderbolts looking at the afterimages, xiao yan smiled faintly, and still held his hands lightly boom with the Best Cbd Gummies For Sleep cbd oil certified grip of his palm, this.

Here in the future, they will be nothing to worry about however, we are too weak if we do not take revenge, so when the mess in the star world is settled, I will personally lead people to.

Years, zhongzhou does not know how many alchemists have been secretly killed by soul palace danta also knows these things, but just endured it the strength of the danta is indeed not.

Couldn t help pouring cold water down whether it works or not, I still have to try xiao yan smiled, no matter how low the success rate is, he must try, otherwise, the starfall pavilion.

The alliance is a bit troublesome it s not that you don t understand the stubbornness of those old guys after hearing what yao lao said, the three of xuankongzi frowned and said I know cbd oil certified it.

Demon tianming s cold shout, everyone in the star realm was stunned most of the experts in the xingyu pavilion were gloomy and desperate some of the experts who came to watch the battle.

Palm, aiming at venerable lei seeing his actions like this, venerable lei s face can you test positive for for marijuana by using cbd oil was horrified, and the three thousand thunder movements were displayed to the extreme in an instant, and.

Looked at the gloomy .

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Benefits Of Cbd Gummies cbd oil certified Vegan Cbd Gummy, alive and well maui cbd oil. three heavenly venerable, with a movement of her tender body, she rushed from behind the latter, and with a movement of her palm, a gray brown bead the size of a fist.

Looking at yao lao s eyes, tian ming old .

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alive and well maui cbd oil Benefits Of Cbd Gummies Best Cbd Gummies On Amazon cbd oil certified LAPLACE. demon frowned, looked at gu you, and said cbd oil and science in a deep voice en gu you also nodded boom just when tianming old demon and gu you were about to kill.

Once fought .

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Does Cbd Make You Tires alive and well maui cbd oil, cbd oil certified Cbd And Sleep How Long Do Cbd Gummies Last. against the lord of the soul palace if he didn t know about the soul cbd oil certified palace before, xiao yan might have believed this, but now, these words have made him have a lot of doubts.

They would have summoned people to fight with them what soul palace likes most is to collect powerful souls, and most of the people with the most powerful souls are alchemists over the.

Bones are a little rusty, but it s worth it to have a high ranking half sage come as a congratulatory gift for this old man s exit the old tianming monster laughed, stomping on the sky.

Disciple hearing these words, the gray robed old man also turned his eyes to xiao yan after seeing the latter s age, his complexion suddenly sank, and he said with a sneer, this little.

Nothing to worry about on the side, the old demon tianming couldn t help but twitched, and growled it s bodhicitta, this kid got bodhicitta gu you s eyes flickered frantically, and after.

Mainland on the top of danta Best Cbd Gummies For Sleep cbd oil certified mountain, there is a natural square around the square, there are Wyld Cbd Gummies Review alive and well maui cbd oil clouds and mist the thick clouds are like cotton, which makes people want to walk on it.

Contact, the latter s body turned red instantly, and an extremely terrifying high temperature permeated his body, making him howl crazily however, just as the howling sound came out.

Half saint hearing this, xiao yan was a little surprised, pondered for a while, and suddenly said I seem to have heard senior xuankongzi mention that the three giants of the pill pagoda.

The previous him may not be eligible to enter the small alchemy tower the people in the small danta are the real core of the danta, and because of their existence, the old monsters buy zilis cbd oil in the.

He Cbd Oil Sleep cbd oil certified will enter the pregnant woman s body in a special way, and finally become an ordinary baby he is born, grows up, and lives in another identity for a lifetime he will not leave until.

Together, staring at him solemnly and vigilantly seeing xiao yan s calm gaze, .

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Does Cbd Make You Tires alive and well maui cbd oil, cbd oil certified Cbd And Sleep How Long Do Cbd Gummies Last. the faces of the three were a little stiff they never thought that the situation would suddenly become like.

Followed along the way, among the lush medicine seas around, some old figures could be seen although these old people looked like medicine farmers who planted medicine materials, xiao yan.

Weak, but the three giants of the danta should only be the peak of the dou zun this kind of strength is not a big threat to the soul palace the little doctor hesitated these are just the.

Generation of wind and thunder pavilion in the northern territory a grizzled old man said with a smile starfall pavilion hearing this, everyone in the han family was taken aback cbd oil for erectile disfunction it s him.

One paid attention to him, but yao lao at the side cbd oil certified attracted a lot of surprised looks along the way, some old guys kept coming up to say hello to cbd oil certified yao lao obviously, he had known yao lao.

Immediately nodded, saying .

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  • 1.Where To Buy Cbd Oil In The Hamptons
  • 2.What Is The Legal Level Of Thc In Cbd Oil
  • 3.How Much Cbd Oil For 60 Lb Dog

Cbd Gummies For Anxiety cbd oil certified LAPLACE alive and well maui cbd oil Cbd Sleep Aid. although hou s seniority administering cbd oil to toddlers is far higher than xiao yan, with the latter s current strength, I m afraid he can really compete with this old guy yao lao also.

Possesses the strength of a high level semi saint as for whether he has reached the real fighting saint now, I m not sure, but he was also a famous existence back then the corners of xiao.

Face was cold, and he grabbed the void in front of him with his big hand, and the space suddenly solidified, shaking the black chain away at the same can you take cbd oil with baby aspirin time, his figure flashed, rushed into.

The mountain seeing this scene, many xingfall pavilion powerhouses felt their hearts sink yao lao is the strongest person in xingfall pavilion, if even he is defeated, the morale of.

Called buddha s wrath, reincarnation to be continued the huge flaming black plate filled with a sense of reincarnation, under the gaze of countless eyes, collided heavily with the.

Any attention to these scumbags after breaking through the headquarters of the styx sect, the large forces dispersed and attacked the powerful sects in the styx alliance, such as the.

They are recruited, they will not be a bird at all, and naturally, it is impossible for him to call him hearing this, xiao yan nodded thoughtfully with a wave of his sleeves, a terrifying.

Glacier valley and the fenglei pavilion, which had contributed a lot in the attack on the meteor pavilion this time, xiao yan and yao lao made it clear that they wanted to use these sects.

Smile almost all the people gathered in cbd oil certified the small dan pagoda were once well known masters of alchemy in zhongzhou fortunately, you can also go to open your eyes hehe, with xiao yan s.

Red hair slammed the scroll in his hand on the stone table, and said impatiently seeing his reaction like this, tang zhen and tang huo er in front of the stone table smiled helplessly.

That can attract seven color pills and thunder at the same time, the soul must also reach the spiritual realm seven color pill thunder, the soul in the spiritual realm is indeed quite.

Experienced the integration of the yan league back then, so she naturally knows how powerful this alliance will bring within the flower sect, there are two supreme elders who haven t.

With his palm, and the huge phantom behind him also moved accordingly with his huge palm, he slapped yao lao fiercely with a frightening wind and bursts of sonic boom sensing the.

Makes you all have some good feelings it is not easy to meet these two conditions the red haired old man smiled strangely huo er rolled his eyes, didn t bother to pay attention to cbd oil certified the old.

For many years if you hadn t left the little pill pagoda, how do you know how cbd oil to take per weight you would have already become an elder of the great elder s house and now you don t have to worry about this matter xuan yi.

Of the mountain within hundreds of feet to be continued boom above the sky, three figures intertwined with lightning, and the terrifying ripples of battle energy spread out in a circle.

T know the three seniors are here a middle aged man with gray temples stepped forward cautiously and said respectfully on both sides of the man stood two slender women among them, the.

At your hands in my xingyun pavilion when you beheaded them, you should have understood that you will have this day too xiao yan lowered his head slightly, and slowly stretched out his.

Alliance cailin said this matter is not urgent although the huazong and fenyan valley have been resolved, it is not enough if you want to .

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Benefits Of Cbd Gummies cbd oil certified Vegan Cbd Gummy, alive and well maui cbd oil. compete with the soul palace, you must bring.

Guy really has countless surprises looking at the slowly rotating flame black plate floating in the sky, a shocking look flashed across yao lao s face from the darkness in the center of.

Three of us have only met him once for so many years what the ancestor likes to do most is he is looking for those pregnant women of course, his goal is not the pregnant women themselves.

Opponent was too weak, so he threw it to others who would have thought that this throw would also throw his life away, go with him xiao yan stared at gu you calmly, with a flash of his.

Elder, that s fine xuan yi said it s easy to say, biggest wholesaler cbd oil in today s pill pagoda mountain, it is possible for the old monster to compete with the old man, but he voluntarily withdrew from the.

Again, the seven colored thunder thundered down from the sky again, and behind him, the little medical fairy with long black hair transformed into a silvery white color, also rushed over.

Towards the direction of the main pavilion in the star realm in a large hall in the main pavilion of xingyun pavilion, yao lao, xiao yan and others sat in cbd oil certified separate .

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Cbd Gummies For Anxiety cbd oil certified LAPLACE alive and well maui cbd oil Cbd Sleep Aid. seats, and the latter.

Their bodies were completely unable to move looking at the rapidly enlarged palm in the pupils, guyou s eyes also flashed a hint of ferocity, and suddenly grabbed the three day god beside.

Qinglin with his palm facing the unprepared speed of the santianzun, qinglin was also startled, his eyes flashed, and a figure appeared in front of him boom the palm of tian tianzun fell.

Semi sage, and went directly to the old demon tianming, allowing them to help them eradicate the xingyu pavilion as for the styx alliance, which had been wrestling with the xingyun.

Potential crisis, xiao yan and the others will naturally not underestimate it even though he has become cbd oil certified Cbd And Sleep a real fighting saint now, he must be cautious when facing such terrifying forces.

Sleeves, he shattered the thunderbolt looking in the direction of the attack, he saw a thousand foot large colorful python occupying the void, and a strange pressure came down quietly.

Rules it s easy to get out, but difficult to get in xiao yan clicked his tongue secretly, this dan pagoda is really not as simple as it appears on the surface, and it is indeed not a fuel.

Beginning, my eldest sister and I were still only intermediate level semi sages even if we joined forces, we could only fight is it safe to use cbd oil when taking calcium channel blockers to a draw with the old demon ming that day now that my eldest.

Facing each other intently, a muffled sound suddenly resounded in the distant space, and out of the corner of his eyes, he saw that qing lin was finally defeated by the three heavenly.

Semi sage the disciples he accepted are also terrifying, and they even surpassed him he was the first to reach the dou sheng this level of strength is indeed stronger than huazong as for.

Efficient lamp to be called a force parallel to the soul palace however, the alliance you mentioned is indeed somewhat feasible the relationship between the danta and the soul palace is.

Yan s mouth twitched only then did he realize that before, he had indeed underestimated most of the sects in zhongzhou that had been passed down for some time how could it be so simple to.

Was that that person was just persistent in saving gu you no matter how much xiao yan provoked him, he refused to show up xiao yan nodded slightly, and didn t bother about it, he said.

Prosperity here, but directly entered the pill tower on the top floor of the pill pagoda, in a hall, xiao yan and yao lao sat in it an elder of pill pagoda retreated quickly, buy hemp cbd oil cheap and quickly.

Of panic, many sects that originally joined the styx alliance began to panic all day long some even quickly withdrew from why you shouldn t take cbd oil the styx alliance, wanting to disassociate themselves from it.

Elders of the falling star pavilion in the star realm at this moment, they were all stunned into silence by the horrific fight before elders, each perform their duties, rectify the mess.

Makes me very excited the laughter fell, and the handprint of the old monster ming changed that day, and the vast gray battle energy burst out of his body, and finally condensed into a.

Star realm filled with flames of can cbd oil cause burping war, his dark eyes were filled with killing intent laugh xiao yan s figure flashed, and when he reappeared, .

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Cbd Gummies For Anxiety cbd oil certified LAPLACE alive and well maui cbd oil Cbd Sleep Aid. he was already in the huge square he fell into.

Said, he will also help you get rid of hidden dangers in cbd oil for stroke victms your body tang zhen smiled click the red haired old man bit the fruit with his mouth and froze for a moment, then put it away.

Means, his dark eyes were like cbd oil certified the same ancient well, without the slightest fluctuation, however, in the depths of those eyes, there was a soul stirring chill slowly surging tianming.

Starfall pavilion, cbd oil certified the hall of souls was quite calm, and did not send any strong people to help the styx league, but xiao yan and others cbd oil certified did not relax because of this the hall of souls.

Experience, so the matter of the alliance must be resolved as soon as possible to be continued the battle of the stars came to an end with great vigor following xiao yan s exit this.

A smile hearing his words, xiao yan, cailin and the others at the side all secretly breathed a sigh of relief everything is difficult at the beginning, and with this good beginning.

Failed to fall into the hands of the soul palace speaking of it, this is a favor owed by danta to xiao yan entering the holy pill can taking cbd oil once a day really cause improvement city, xiao yan and the two didn t stop because of the.

The space, a muffled cold voice also passed through the space and gradually entered xiao yan s ears xiao yan looked indifferently at the place where the space crack disappeared, his eyes.

Integrated into the ninth rank cbd oil certified pill in a strange way, so that this one that reached the ninth rank mysterious pill the pill, there has been a mutation later, this elixir turned into a.

Stunned and said hearing this, the three of xuankongzi nodded with wry smiles, and said Best Cbd Gummies For Sleep cbd oil certified he has been missing for a long time, and there is still no news of him for many years if it weren t.

Came from the front the three heavenly venerable glanced over, and his eyes froze for a moment he saw a woman in green clothes standing in the air behind the woman, a huge snake shaped.

Zhongzhou and inherit it for such a long time, how could it be possible that you don t have some background, just like the old demon tianming of mingzong that day yao lao smiled he was.

Only sigh softly in her heart, that kind of man is not something a woman like them can subdue to be continued the revenge of the xingyun pavilion lasted for nearly ten days during these.

Sleeve robes shocked the strong men who came to the han family to vomit blood and flew out of cbd oil and cancer pain the courtyard, lying on the ground recklessly under hanchi, the head of the han family, I don.

Zhongzhou, is too resounding in the future, there will be no xingyu pavilion in the northern territory the han family seems to be interested and can replace it the old man and the three.

Pill most of the pills, as long as they have experienced the nine color pill and thunder, can possess spiritual wisdom, but at this time, most of the pills are transformed into animal.

Continued under the gaze of countless horrified gazes, a sea of flames surged from the depths of the star realm, and finally gathered in the sky above the battlefield the sea of flames.

Also severely deterred many forces in the past, the xingyu pavilion lived in a corner, but it only developed quietly, and did not show too strong a side, which also caused some forces to.

Terrifying as danta, they are also one of the few forces in zhongzhou as for the cbd oil certified other smaller sects, there is no hurry at the moment after the three major forces agree to the alliance.

Palace yao lao shook his head suddenly, and said slowly for the pill tower, this is naturally the place where he understands the most furthermore, during xiao yan s two years of.

Everything is over there shouldn t be any troubles when are you going to leave cailin nodded slightly, also in a supportive attitude danta s final decision has cbd oil certified a vital effect on the.

Elder, what do you think about this matter the silence lasted for a moment in the hall, and the woman in .

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Cbd Gummies For Anxiety cbd oil certified LAPLACE alive and well maui cbd oil Cbd Sleep Aid. the cbd oil after breast cancer first seat suddenly raised her eyes, looked at the old woman below, and said.

And said being able to achieve this kind of achievement at such an age is enough to show that xiao yan is excellent, and it can also make you both lean towards him obviously, this person.

Continued not human xiao yan s scalp exploded suddenly, and the corners of his mouth twitched after a while, he lowered his voice and said in a low voice the legendary imperial medicine.

The latter s skin exploded ah after xiao yan poked a few bloody holes in his body, gu you also screamed miserably, his face pale stay here facing gu you s shrill amazon cbd oil 1500 scream, xiao yan gave a.

Squirm rapidly, and finally burst out like a waking poisonous snake, colliding with those black rays, and then the two are quietly annihilated in the fierce collision dang the two were.

Softly go back to the pavilion first, and then tell me what happened in the past two years um yao lao nodded, stood up with xiao yan s support, and then the group of people quickly rushed.

A cold sweat he didn t expect the origin of this ancestor of the alchemy tower to be so cbd oil certified bizarre xiao yan was also clear about the grading of the mutated ninth rank elixir ninth rank.

It was useless even to surrender, the old demon tianming s eyes immediately turned blood red, and he could only see pillars of blood suddenly spurting out of his pores, and his body.

Flames shot out from his seven orifices however, in his opinion at the moment, it was even scarier than demons raising tigers Wyld Cbd Gummies Review alive and well maui cbd oil is a danger, I knew it today, and I should have asked for.

There were actually two semi holy peak powerhouses hidden in the huazong when he went to the huazong, he didn t feel their existence at all hehe, to be able to gain a foothold in.

May be able to barely meet that qualification yao lao smiled and said, because the first requirement for entering the small alchemy tower is to be able to refine the eighth grade pill.

Alliance, deal with the soul palace huh hearing her short words, yun yun breathed a sigh of relief, and the rest of the elders hesitated for a moment before nodding I knew you would make.

Fiercely, and his monstrous fighting spirit swept out, and his figure appeared in front of yao lao in a flash his white palm was like an eagle s claw, directly piercing through the void.

Watermelon hmph, you junior, how dare you push your limits facing xiao yan s pressing killing move step by step, an old cold shout finally sounded in the pitch black space crack, and the.

Day, raised his head to the sky and shouted in the direction of xiao yan no need, tian mingzong, there is no need to exist facing the old demon tianming s surrender, xiao yan s face was.

Tianmingzong and soul palace now is not the time to be soft hearted, in this zhongzhou where the weak prey on the strong, only toughness and strength can last forever xiao yan, my fenglei.

All the gray brown liquid fell on the sleeve robe of the three heavenly venerable, and the sleeve immediately turned to ashes, and the venom fell on the arm of the best full spectrum cbd oil online three heavenly.

Struggle, in the end, you will still become a prisoner of my soul clan your ancestors were does eating make cbd oil less potent like this, and you will not be able to escape accompanied by the disappearance of the crack in.

Be able to get mixed up like this .

How Many Drops Should I Take Of Cbd Oil

cbd oil certified Wyld Cbd Gummies Review, Cbd Oil Sleep alive and well maui cbd oil Cbd For Sleep Gummies. fenyangu s temper is quite weird, and he has been out of touch with world affairs for many years there is nothing he can do to get him to agree to join.

Turned his gaze to elder yao yao lao frowned slightly, and said, old monster waiting well, it s that old guy who has never been right with you xuan kongzi said helplessly whether it is.

Saint, enough to convince anyone seeing the flow of people who separated, xiao yan moved and appeared on the square again at this moment, yaolao, cailin and the others looked much better.

Be dealt with like this by strong men whose rank was higher than him now, his strength has skyrocketed to one star dou sheng, and he can finally enjoy this kind of carefree feeling bang.

Stone house, and then left in a hurry, presumably to report the so called cbd oil certified alliance for this matter, both xiao yan and yao lao knew that there was no need to rush, so they sat cross legged.

Kind of strength, xuan kongzi and the three of them, how could they be his opponents hehe, that s true, but that s not the real lord of the soul palace, but just a piece of his soul.

Tianbei city, it was also because of him that the han family was suppressed by fenglei pavilion from the first class family in tianbei city to the cannabis cbd oil full spectrum organic desolate appearance it is now the three.

Wry smile seeing that the indifferent woman still didn t respond, she just waved her hand indifferently and said since the elder sister best cbd oil for anxiett has made a decision, then reply to the people in.

Senses the senior who refined the ancestor was also one of the founders of the danta, but that senior has long passed away in the year before he was about to fall, he exhausted cbd oil certified all his.

Accident exposed his identity no one thought that he would be sent by the soul clan the matter was cbd oil or isolate for topical use exposed the pagoda master at that time thought of the friendship between master and.

Black arm holding gu cbd oil certified you s shoulder was quickly pulled into the crack as soon as he exerted force bang bang bang with two fingers facing each other, a shocking and terrifying energy storm.

Knows the pressure and pain he endured as time goes by, the young eagle has finally soared to the nine heavens, and now he has finally entered the most peak class in the dou qi continent.

Establish the prestige of iron and blood, but it could not be excessive regarding this point, xiao yan and yao lao had a good grasp of it during these days of crazy revenge in the.

The santianzun, qinglin also persevered, but obviously, she had already fallen into a disadvantage if it weren t for the help of the green snake three flower pupil, she would have been.

Phantom can you ship cbd oil via usps with nine heads was looming ancient celestial serpent seeing bulk full spectrum cbd oil for sale the huge snake shaped phantom, the face of the three heavenly venerable finally became serious although the strength.

Are not human and ghosts in the hall of souls, but whoever has nothing to do with them, let their people go in the depths of fenyan cbd oil certified valley, in a quiet bamboo forest, an old man with fiery.

With a whistling sound, and finally turned into the size of a palm, stuck to his fist, and then punched out fiercely boom the flame cbd oil in checked baggage black plate collided heavily with the pitch black fist.

While and said nine color dan lei xiao yan nodded slightly as expected, he was the one who could compete with yao lao for the championship of the alchemy association this kind of alchemy.

And said, although this great elder s house is quite clear, it depends entirely on the number of votes for and against each other, but some old guys in it are extremely pedantic, and most.

Old yao ming also had a look of surprise in his eyes, and immediately shouted in a deep voice um gu you nodded with a gloomy expression, and the two of them shot out almost at the same.

An alliance, their strength would undoubtedly skyrocket, and they would be able to squeeze into the ranks of superpowers in the mainland at once don t be too happy too early although the.

Lightly, with a hint of sarcasm in his voice, he and yao lao had never been at odds, and had always tried everything possible to overwhelm yao lao, but this idea never came true, and this.

Position in the pill tower was also unmatched, but he has no interest in these in the pill LAPLACE cbd oil certified tower after he was safe, he also disappeared, and no one was able to .

Where Can I Buy Cbd Oil In Buffalo Ny

cbd oil certified Wyld Cbd Gummies Review, Cbd Oil Sleep alive and well maui cbd oil Cbd For Sleep Gummies. find him xiao yan wiped off.

Alchemy requires some experience en the three of xuankongzi also nodded, turned their gazes to xiao yan, and said, are you sure ninth grade elixir xiao yan rubbed his Wyld Cbd Gummies Review alive and well maui cbd oil fingers lightly, and.

Will undoubtedly reach the peak yun yun was silent for a moment, and finally said softly, no matter what, she must speak for xiao yan tian mingzong is indeed a troublesome fly at the.

Nose moved, and his eyes swept around, but he was surprised to find broad spectrum cbd oil 2000mg instructions that the entire mountain was covered with countless medicinal gardens, a kind of medicinal material that is quite rare.

Fighting this scene gave yao lao a chill, and his movements slowed down for an instant then a ghostly figure appeared behind him, and he slapped hard, landed firmly on yao lao s back poof.

With the other old fellows xuan kongzi said after pondering for a while oh, are you sure about .

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  • 1.How Much Does Northleaf Medicinal Cbd Oil Cost
  • 2.Where To Find Cbd Oil In Regina Saskatchewan
  • 3.How Is Cbd Oil Applied
  • 4.What Does Cbd Oil Come From Hemp

Does Cbd Make You Tires alive and well maui cbd oil, cbd oil certified Cbd And Sleep How Long Do Cbd Gummies Last. this hearing this, yao lao s eyes brightened slightly, and if it was five to five votes.

Forms although they have spiritual wisdom, they can t really compare with human beings some legendary ninth grade pills can be transformed into human form, and can even be cultivated but.

Do, old man yao, you must have something important to do when you come to my alchemy can you smoke cbd oil out of a vape tower this time xuan kongzi smiled, and when he changed his voice, he looked at lao yao um seeing that.

At the beginning of the year, if han xue hadn t rescued him, he might have been buried in the desert although he later helped the han family destroy the prestige of the hong family in.

Things will be much easier in the future both huazong and fenyangu have a good reputation in zhongzhou their joining will undoubtedly increase the alliance s momentum, far exceeding the.


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