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The heavenly realm, gradually relaxed, and the spies of the alliance were also secretly dispatched, and finally arrived at the area detected by xiao yan s soul to carry out investigations.

Some disciples of the starfall pavilion were lucky enough to absorb and fuse it, for them, it would undoubtedly be a divine pill from heaven and after the first batch of disciples tasted.

The genius among the ancient clan whose talent and bloodline were only weaker than xun er s, and the best brands of cbd oil hih times other was extremely can cbd oil lower blood glucose levels strange, that was an old man with white hair in a blue robe, the.

Therefore, they were helpless against this sudden suspicion as time passed, about half an hour after can cbd oil elevate calcium levels buy 2500 mg cbd oil the thunder can cbd oil be given to young children clan and the stone clan arrived here, the sound of breaking wind finally.

Seems that the position of the patriarch of the soul clan in the future should be the young patriarch the deputy hall master of the soul hall said with a smile hearing this, the black.

Acquired xiao yan clenched his fists tightly, but suddenly he touched his forehead with his palm in his mind, the strange light group obtained from the ancient picture returned to calm.

Told everyone with practical actions that tianfu is not afraid of the hall of souls destroying the human hall among the three halls of tiangang, this kind of thing, even in the previous.

Would give up the ancient emperor jade can cbd oil help a itchy throat from a cold to the ancient clan xiao yan smiled lightly, but he didn t have the slightest fear for these people in the soul palace, as long as you show a little.

Breaths, .

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What Are Cbd Gummies cbd oil raleigh nc, can cbd oil elevate calcium levels Does Cbd Help Sleep When To Take Cbd Oil For Sleep. he retreated into his mind, and cold sweat emerged all over his head when xiao yan s soul returned to his body, on the plain tens of thousands of miles away from the xingyu.

The huge pit court death seeing that xiao yan was completely ignoring his own attack, the eyes of the deputy hall master of the soul palace were also completely gloomy, and he smiled.

We didn t pay much attention to him before, the strong men we sent were enough to kill him, but every time, he was What Are Cbd Gummies cbd oil raleigh nc able to save himself from danger, and his strength skyrocketed again.

You live for a while, but it seems that you don t cherish this opportunity xiao yan was noncommittal, and didn t bother to talk nonsense to the palace master with a wave of his sleeve, a.

Pharmacist, he can naturally feel how terrifying the broken space will be laugh while xiao yan and the others were waiting quietly, this space suddenly squirmed, and immediately, dense.

That his soul was soaked in a kind of warm light, that feeling, as if the fetus was in the womb layers of faint strange crystal layers quietly surfaced on the surface eco styler gel with cbd oil of the soul body.

To form, and slapped on the body of the great tianzun the latter s body, like a cannonball, flew down from the sky and ruthlessly shot into the ground the terrible aftermath smashed a.

Like the lord of the soul palace afraid after frowning and contemplating for a moment, there was still no result xiao yan could only shake his head, and immediately looked up to the.

Surprised the deputy hall master of dehun palace, his eyes swept quickly, and he shouted coldly in the eyes of this emperor, you are not worth mentioning as soon as he finished his drink.

Group, it would not be a big problem to suppress it let s can cbd oil elevate calcium levels leave now, no matter what, go there to see the situation first suppressing the abnormal movement of the light group, xiao yan s.

His hand above the clouds, a burst of unusually cold breath slowly emanated from the jade bottle, causing ice chips to continuously fall from the sky within a radius of ten feet this is.

The distorted space in shock, suddenly, the space here suddenly churned, and immediately, an extremely vast soul wave burst out of the space, and immediately ruthlessly bombarded xiao yan.

Other emotions left before their complete death it s not easy for the people who killed them although it seems easy to resolve it, at least the people in the hall of souls will never say.

Much suddenly, a long howling sound came out of his mouth the howling sound spread in the brightly lit star realm immediately, figures flew over from all parts of the star realm, and.

Also a kind of tempering for the disciples of the starfall pavilion the so called traveling thousands of miles is better than studying for ten years with this kind of mentality held by.

Of course, with such actions, it is not only the tianfu alliance , some ancient sect forces that used to be invisible in zhongzhou have all can i mix my cbd oil with olive oil paid attention to that area the birth of the.

Short period, it was a year after year of anticipation and waiting but fortunately, that kind of life was finally gradually completed by her hearing these words, xiao yan was startled.

The master of the soul palace is probably stronger than that of zi yan xiao yan let out a breath slowly, and suppressed his beating heart what happened before was too thrilling that man.

Astonishment in his eyes, which quickly disappeared, and he clasped his hands .

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cbd oil raleigh nc Cbd Oil Sleep Does Cbd Make You Sleepy can cbd oil elevate calcium levels LAPLACE. with enthusiasm and said with a smile so it s brother huoxuan, long time no see, don t come here without any.

And immediately praised him, thinking that he had discovered xiao yan s current strength hehe, brother huoxuan is already a high level semi saint xiao yan smiled slightly, but his heart.

Reached the emperor level, he could not become a real fighting emperor perhaps, what he said was lacking in this world would be the key to unraveling all the mysteries could it be that.

Changes only with the jinglian demon fire can it be possible for xiao yan, who is protected by five different fires, to cbd oil raleigh nc Does Cbd Make You Tires feel the burning pain again boom just as xiao yan was looking at.

By the strong man of the soul hall, if it .

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cbd oil raleigh nc Cbd Oil Sleep Does Cbd Make You Sleepy can cbd oil elevate calcium levels LAPLACE. was absorbed into the soul, it would cause quite a hidden can cbd oil elevate calcium levels Cbd For Sleep danger these guys in soul palace are really vicious and vicious with a wave of xiao yan.

Unconcealable disgust on yao lao s face this soul palace, in order to achieve its goal, has resorted to all means this kind of extremely cruel thing is almost no different from taking.

Fire gu nanhai sighed, with his hands behind his back, raised his head, and locked his eyes on the distorted sky in the distance the terrifying high temperature continuously spread out.

And immediately nodded with a smile I said you two won t treat others as if they don t exist, okay while xiao yan and xun er whispered in whispers, gu qingyang on the side finally said.

This apprentice daughter in law, I would be too out of place yao lao stroked his beard and laughed when he saw the shy look on xun er s cheeks, he felt a little relieved of course he knew.

Star realm was reflected back into xiao yan s mind at this moment, he could feel the subtle emotional fluctuations of anyone in the star realm, and even, just from these emotional.

No wonder xiao yan suddenly realized, he was also a little strange, why the soul clan didn t send strong people to deal with him when he destroyed an important branch of the soul hall.

T think that breaking through to the two star dou sheng is enough to be arrogant in the eyes of this hall, you are What Are Cbd Gummies cbd oil raleigh nc not worth mentioning a look of ferocity appeared on the face of the.

Was not small the fluctuation seemed invisible, but it possessed an irresistible coercion not long after the current fluctuation spread, it was noticed by many strong men in the starfall.

But since he is helping you, I think it should be a friend rather than an enemy xiao yan nodded slightly you don t have to worry too much about the matter of the lord of the soul palace.

Realm that suddenly became like this, even yao lao and the others were a little dumbfounded, and immediately couldn t laugh or cry they didn t expect that xiao yan s cultivation this time.

With a serious expression as long as the soul reaches the great consummation of the heaven realm, it is no best way to sell cbd oil online different from the other when fighting with others, the soul can be split out.

Visited by people is now extremely lively this surging undercurrent lasted for about four days xiao yan, who was sitting cross legged on the top of a towering giant tree in xingyu.

Like a young man, but the tone of his speech was eerie and unusual, making it clear that his real age must not be apparent on the surface I also said that if my father made a mistake, i.

Changed their colors, and their eyes immediately focused on xiao yan, the lord of is 100w too much for cbd oil the soul palace this powerful existence has always been the most mysterious figure in the soul palace.

According to my guess, it should also have something to do with this soul source can cbd oil elevate calcium levels Cbd For Sleep yao lao stroked his beard and can cbd oil elevate calcium levels frowned xiao yan also frowned when he heard this, all these signs indicated.

Finally floated in the sky in the frontmost position, there were the great elder of little pill pagoda, patriarch huoyun and the second immortal qinghua of huazong this trip is of great.

Fire from this, we can see how terrifying the jinglian demon fire is xiao yan, we have met at least ten teams along the way, and their target is obviously the jinglian demon fire it seems.

Fluctuations, xiao yan could know the thoughts of many people this is another kind of control, insight into people s hearts, such terrible means, under the soul of the great consummation.

Time, even if he is the master of the soul palace, he will not be afraid at all furthermore, after the lord of the soul palace, there is an even more terrifying soul clan if you can t.

Had a strong foundation it .

How To Load A Vape Pen With Cbd Oil ?

Where To Buy Cbd Vape Oil In Georgia ?can cbd oil elevate calcium levels Cbd Oil For Sleep, Broad Spectrum Cbd cbd oil raleigh nc Benefits Of Cbd Gummies.

cbd oil raleigh nc Cbd Oil Sleep Does Cbd Make You Sleepy can cbd oil elevate calcium levels LAPLACE. s not that I m interested in the pure lotus demon fire I m afraid few people in the world can subdue it as long as it doesn t fall into the hands of the soul.

Da tianzun reappeared on the emperor knife that was smashed into the bone he looked at xiao yan with a strange smile, and can cbd oil help people who have had aneurysm strokes said your attack speed is too slow, and it is far behind me after.

Inexperienced and inferior to these ancient races, if xun er and the others hadn t reminded them this time, their group would have suffered heavy casualties our ancient races have their.

Behind the hallmaster of the soul hall, a figure respectfully said in time, this son may be another xiao xuan regarding the words of the deputy hall master, the soul hall master ignored.

Strong man, even he had no chance of winning in his heart this person is a strong enemy, be careful ziyan on the side, all the smiles on her cheeks also dissipated, and her delicate body.

Believe us gu nanhai shook his head, a little helpless, waved his hands, and didn t make any entanglements on this topic, cbd oil anti inflammation his eyes swept around, and said the jinglian yaohuo is born, and.

Completely this time, xiao yan and the others obviously came prepared the hall of soul has chased and killed my master and apprentice for so many years now, it s time to pay off the debt.

Emperor sword again the body of the sword shook, and a strange sound .

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Cbd Gummies Near Me can cbd oil elevate calcium levels LAPLACE cbd oil raleigh nc Well Being Cbd Gummies Reviews. of the sword sounded suddenly, and countless sword shadows flashed out, directly enveloping the space around xiao yan.

Power to the emperor realm , so they capture the souls and extract the source of the souls, xiao yan said in surprise it should be like this, but I m not sure when I was captured by the.

Came oncoming even though the .

Does Cbd Oil Help With Anxiety Disorders

Cbd Gummies Near Me can cbd oil elevate calcium levels Cbd Gummies With Thc, cbd oil raleigh nc. people who were dispatched in can cbd oil elevate calcium levels this trip were not weak hands, many people were still sweating profusely as expected of the jinglian demon fire, the residual.

Human blood and flesh alive moreover, his kind is even more ruthless I don t know what the soul palace wants to do with so many soul origins xiao yan frowned he could feel that this must.

Xiao yan, I miss you so much xun er turned her head slightly, looked at xiao yan s side face, the corners of her lips were slightly curved, can cbd oil elevate calcium levels a faint charm appeared on that elegant and.

Clan, but it also has its own deterrence in that distant era, the master of the soul palace once bloodbathed dozens of sects in one night that night, blood flowed into rivers and corpses.

Helplessly hearing his words, xun er s cheeks also blushed slightly, and quickly regained her composure, and gently broke free from xiao yan s embrace, then her beautiful eyes turned to.

After paying a huge salute to him, they roared out of the space barrier, and crazily rushed towards the free world outside looking can use of cbd oil lead to cancer recurrence at the souls fleeing here frantically, can cbd oil be used for feather picking in parrots xiao yan couldn t.

That this time, it is really a shocking competition zi yanmei swept the surroundings, and said immediately xiao yan nodded slightly he did meet many teams with the same purpose along the.

Actually have can i take expired cbd oil such a collection xiao yan s heart was full of envy he traveled all over the mainland and got the highest ranked heavenly flame, which was only the ninth ranked cbd oil alice in wonderland sanqian.

Than fifty days in the star realm, and then dissipated with the gradual weakening of that soul pressure when the pressure of the soul pervading the star world weakened, the faces of yao.

Hall powerhouses who were running around under can cbd oil elevate calcium levels the pursuit of the little doctor and qing lin, and then turned his gaze to the battle circle between yao lao and the bone ghost saint pay.

Woman in red beside him, and didn t say anything about it this matter cannot be verified, but the gu clan and the soul clan are the most suspected it is necessary to maintain some.

With a little shock in their eyes they all knew that before tonight, this place was originally a mountain full of vitality looking at this, it seems that if you cbd oil and tourette s syndrome want to get the jinglian.

And down, and said in a nonchalant voice the defeated does cbd oil show in a blood test xiao clan can still have such talented people, this is my negligence in the soul palace hallmaster, this kid is too cunning although.

Bit of your own weakness, you will definitely be caught by them, and you will never stand up again therefore, even though he is always concerned about xiao zhan s safety in his heart, gummies with cbd oil recipie he.

Reputation is accumulated by countless blood, but apart from the newly emerged tianfu alliance , no force dares to openly show hostility to them there is certainly a reason for the soul.

Pavilion, and one after another figure rushed over hastily backed away, only after exiting the mountain with a radius of thousands of feet, did he gradually get better, looking at the.

Gradually became solemn, he folded his hands together, and then quickly changed into cumbersome and complicated handprints one after another, and with the change of his handprints, the.

You saw back then, I don t know how much stronger it is according to the information we got, if it is not too big unexpectedly, he should be the next patriarch of the soul clan in.

Imprisoned in an instant, and even his soul had stagnated your soul power is very strong, but unfortunately, the main body is too weak the void waved for a while, and immediately a huge.

From the cracked space, and the milky white brilliance appeared more and more frequently later, the desert below became faintly viscous, and those sand grains actually gradually melted as.

Storm, quietly swept away what a terrifying soul wave above the main pavilion of the xingyun pavilion, yao lao and the others looked solemnly at the visions in the sky caused by the.

Heavenly realm is perfect, and it really deserves its reputation the great elder of the little pill pagoda also slowly fell down, looking at the aura filled xiao yan avatar, he couldn t.

Drawing millions of soul bodies from the human palace before such a vast source of soul, even xiao yan feels cbd oil while getting a tattoo a slight sense of insignificance crash along with the increasing source of the.

Into the mouth of crystal xiao yan , the latter s body was shaken suddenly, a dazzling glare burst out from his body, and an invisible wave like heaven and earth, like a storm, swept out.

Suspended the soft and pure luster continuously diffused from it, shining on the surrounding grass leaves, making the cbd oil for arthritis for sale grass look more lush and green the vastness of the original power of.

Importance I invited them all over two days ago yao lao smiled at xiao yan and said xiao yan nodded slightly, now that one more person has more strength, and snatching the jinglian demon.

To subdue the jinglian demon fire, but no matter what, he had to try his best can cbd oil elevate calcium levels in the days that followed, xiao yan, who had successfully cultivated his soul to the great consummation of.

Yan s rapid excavation, a huge pit was opened in the ruins in the blink of an can cbd oil elevate calcium levels eye, and in the depths of the huge pit, there was a light cluster about half a meter in size suspended this.

Good for everyone although the elder huoyao s voice was flat, for some reason, xiao yan could still hear some signs of targeting hearing this, gu nanhai also shook his head with a wry.

Been three full years, because she has the blood of the ancient gods he worked hard to cultivate, and what he did was only to be able to reach that state, to have .

Where Can I Get Cbd Oil In Iowa ?

can cbd oil elevate calcium levels Cbd Oil For Sleep, Broad Spectrum Cbd cbd oil raleigh nc Benefits Of Cbd Gummies. his own freedom brother.

Escaped hall master, everyone else was killed looking at the scene, xiao yan s eyes fluctuated slightly, and he immediately became indifferent he rarely caused such killings, but he would.

Jinglian demon fire, and it has been guarding there for a long time yao lao frowned slightly, pondered for a moment, and said as for the mysterious strong man, I can t guess his details.

Also looking at that figure the soul fluctuations faintly emanating from the latter s body were exactly the same as the powerful soul that xiao yan met a few days ago cbd oil hempworx when xiao yan was.

Only at the late stage of the two star fighting saint, I m afraid I won t be able to win in battle it s easy to kill xiao yan, who is at the early stage of the two star fighting saint it.

Grabbed the palm of his hand fiercely, and the fire net covered the soul of the great heavenly venerable the terrifying .

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can cbd oil elevate calcium levels Cbd Oil For Sleep, Broad Spectrum Cbd cbd oil raleigh nc Benefits Of Cbd Gummies. high temperature carried on it immediately made the latter scream.

Impact, like a storm, suddenly swept out boom as soon as this terrifying sonic soul impact spread, in this space, almost 70 of the soul palace powerhouses instantly stiffened their.

Were to dissolve the negative emotions hidden in the soul light group, yao lao can cbd oil elevate calcium levels couldn t help smiling, and said these fellows in the soul palace have really committed countless evils xiao.

Each other, and they can no longer work together xun er glanced at .

Will I Feel Effects Of Cbd Oil ?

Cbd Gummies Near Me can cbd oil elevate calcium levels Cbd Gummies With Thc, cbd oil raleigh nc. the direction of the three soul palace masters with her beautiful eyes, and said softly without evidence, no one will.

Into the legendary emperor realm soul, yao lao said blessed full spectrum cbd oil reddit slowly the teacher is talking about the hall of souls, no, it s someone from the soul race who wants to cultivate and raise their soul.

Idea, so he could only say how to deal with this thing what he was referring to was naturally the soul source light group in front of him this is condensed by killing it shouldn t exist.

You da tianzun let out a strange smile like a night owl, and held his palm against the ruins below, the huge bone knife flew out, suspended in front of him, and with a movement of his.

Bodies, and immediately with a bang, their bodies turned into nothingness their souls and souls all turned into nothingness under this soul impact clang the powerful soul impact was also.

Surpassed yao lao the level of dzogchen soul in the heaven realm, even in my little alchemy tower, no one has reached it for more than a thousand years except for the ancestor yao chen.

Ancient clan to send him out this time although gu nanhai is strong, it is not difficult to stop him with the ability of the hall master the young patriarch of the soul clan dressed in.

Light group also trembled slightly, and an abnormally pure original power of the soul spread out, and finally wrapped around xiao yan s soul, following his mouth, nose and pores around.

Soul oppression made many people extremely uncomfortable, after they gradually got used to it, they suddenly felt that their soul .

How To Smoke Cbd Vape Oil ?

can cbd oil elevate calcium levels Cbd Oil For Sleep, Broad Spectrum Cbd cbd oil raleigh nc Benefits Of Cbd Gummies. compare charlottes web to plus cbd oil power had increased slightly yes, for cultivation, it.

When fighting with people together, there is such a tacit understanding, but no one can match it, and the power is multiplied the great elder xiao danta smiled, and there was a little.

Soul power in the center of xiao yan s eyebrows also burst out of his body suddenly, turning into a huge phantom, covering his body you re faster, I m faster than you the handprints.

A strong man like xiao yan, the distance of a thousand miles is only a matter of a few minutes although there is a large army of delays, after about twenty minutes, xiao yan and others.

Palace this time, even if it is returned to them, lest outsiders say that my alliance can only be suppressed by the soul palace, but like a turtle xiao yan also nodded losing an important.

Distant mountain behind the xiao family in wutan city, cbd oil raleigh nc Does Cbd Make You Tires he placed the last bet of his life on that immature boy I don t know how long xiao yan will need to practice this time counting the.

Figure remained motionless like a sculpture after a long time, its tightly closed mouth suddenly opened a gap, and a sudden surge of suction force burst out the soul light group, which.

Subdue it no wonder no one has subdued the pure lotus demon fire for thousands of years hehe, elder huoyao, I didn t expect that the yan clan would send you out this time when xiao yan s.

And immediately turned into cbd oil raleigh nc Does Cbd Make You Tires nothingness and disappeared seeing these black qi, xiao yan raised his where to buy cbd oil in harrison twp michigan brows slightly, he felt a very weak thought from it, obviously it was injected into it.

Smile, and said, elder huoyao, do you also think that the disappearance of the spiritual clan is the fault of my ancient clan elder huo yao was silent, huo xuan exchanged glances with the.

Disciples cultivation speed suddenly increase with the spread of this trend, even some elders of the starfall pavilion couldn t help but join in this special experience as for the star.

That my soul race is far beyond your imagination the vice master of the hall of souls took a deep breath, looking at the devastated closed space, even the huge black hall collapsed more.

Immediately grabbed xiao yan with his big hand, the overwhelming black mist shot out from between his five fingers, turned into five huge chains, and rushed towards xiao yan violently don.

His body, it was continuously integrated into it as more and more soul sources were sucked in, a layer of strange crystal like layers gradually appeared on the surface of xiao yan s soul.

Was able to injure him obviously, the soul power of the other party was not much weaker than him you are that junior of the xiao clan, xiao yan hearing this faint voice coming from the.

Conceal such a shocking news therefore, in just a week after the incident, this matter flew all over the entire zhongzhou as if it had grown wings, causing many shocks the strength of How Long Do Cbd Gummies Last can cbd oil elevate calcium levels the.

Help admiring and the strength is not weaker than the body the coordination is perfect the two complement each other the power is quite terrifying yao lao also stroked his beard and said.

Become a .

Can Cbd Oil Treat Warts

Cbd Gummies Near Me can cbd oil elevate calcium levels LAPLACE cbd oil raleigh nc Well Being Cbd Gummies Reviews. real fighting emperor, but there is no doubt that does cbd oil transfer to breast milk when they reach the peak of the nine star fighting saint, the power of the soul will allow them to expand their strength to the.

Strength he used to be at this level, even ordinary strange fires can no longer be seen by him the flames emerged and floated below the soul can you pass a drug test while taking cbd oil light group, and immediately turned into a.

Thoughts turned, gu nanhai s eyes suddenly turned to the side of huoxuan wholesale cbd oil supplier and the other three who had been silent since they appeared, and said with a smile hearing this, the old man in.

And then slowly shook his head, and said softly it s can cbd oil elevate calcium levels hard to say he has five different fires in his body, qinglian earth heart fire, falling heart flame, sea heart flame, bone spirit cold.

He secretly warned him, but it was the first time that he actually met officially senior yaochen, please don t keep in mind what happened in the past hearing this, xun er felt a little.

His fists expressionlessly, and the big flaming hands .

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can cbd oil elevate calcium levels Cbd Oil For Sleep, Broad Spectrum Cbd cbd oil raleigh nc Benefits Of Cbd Gummies. also clenched fiercely, with terrifying force, they directly crushed the great heavenly venerable s call out just as the great.

Ecstatic and excited souls that were almost crying, xiao yan also sighed softly and said in the sky, there were countless souls entrenched in the end, they all knelt down to xiao yan, and.

Compete with a two star dou sheng just can cbd oil elevate calcium levels by relying on his soul power the great elder of the can cbd oil elevate calcium levels Cbd For Sleep little danta said slowly, stroking his beard What Are Cbd Gummies cbd oil raleigh nc ziyan on the side also showed a little surprise in.

Waterfall, spreading over the slender willow waist, the breeze blowing, the blue hair fluttering, best cbd oil to purchase that kind of elegance, as if falling into the world of mortals the banishment with such a.

Way, but he didn t take it too seriously although those guys strength is not weak, they are still too weak to snatch the jinglian demon fire I don t know if people from the soul palace.

This is the source of the soul behind xiao yan, yao lao s voice came he turned his head and saw that the latter was also floating down from the sky the bone ghost had been quickly cleaned.

Gave them when they passed away yao lao put his hands behind his back and looked at the far west, but there was a sadness that was rarely seen in his eyes in the distant time and in the.

Huge deep pit hundreds of feet deep on the ground three tricks, huang quan yaosheng s three great stunts, huang quantian anger Broad Spectrum Cbd can cbd oil elevate calcium levels hurt his soul, huang quan pointed at huang quan s palm to.

Surprise on his face, only to see that there was a violent fluctuation in the space not far away, and then several figures slowly emerged, the first person was dressed in elegant green.

It, and said in a flat voice his voice has been kept can cbd oil elevate calcium levels at a constant tone, which sounds a little weird and also a little weird hearing that the master of the soul palace spoke highly of.

Will also have a considerable increase effect after tasting some sweetness, no one complained about is smoking weed feel and cbd oil like it some talented disciples directly regarded it as a rare experience not only did they.

Air it actually tore apart the turbulent space in this place with a movement of his body, he swept into it and disappeared this guy actually abandoned everyone in the hall of humans to be.

Became gloomy, and his eyes were full of anger and regret the souls that I have worked so hard to where can you buy cbd oil in new smyrna beach fl collect for hundreds of years were taken away by that kid if this matter is reported to.

Clothes, with a delicate face like a flower, with a gentle smile on his beautiful cheeks, three thousand blue hairs were randomly bound by a light green hairband, falling down like a.


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