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ZISSIS Georges

par Agnès GP - publié le

Professeur des Universités, Université Toulouse 3- Paul Sabatier
Tel : +33-5-61556996

Fields of Scientific Interests :

Science and Technology of Lighting Systems ; Physics of electrical discharges used as light sources ; system and metrology issues for solid-state lighting systems ; normalization and quality issues for light sources ; impact of lighting to energy, environment, quality of life, health and security ; interaction between light source and associated power supply ; Illumination and lighting.

Affiliations :
2005-… : Full professor, Univ. Toulouse 3.
1992- 2005 : Associated professor, Univ. Toulouse 3.
1990-1992 : Lecturer, Univ. Toulouse 3
1987-1990 : Teaching assistant, Univ. Toulouse 3.
1984-1986 : Teaching assistant, University of Crete (Greece)

Publications :
1. Energy Consumption and Environmental and Economic Impact of Lighting : The Current Situation, G.Zissis, Handbook of Advanced Lighting Technology, Springer Reference Series, 13pp., doi:10.1007/978-3-319-00295-8_40-1 (2016)
2. Influence of Driving Current on Photometric Performances of a White Light OLED, Y.Liu, Y.Chen, D.Buso, G.Zissis, IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, 52(6), pp. 5219-5225, doiI : 10.1109/TIA.2016.2585573 (2016)
3. A study of the convective flow as a function of external parameters in a high-pressure metal halide discharge lamp (HgDyI3), S.Hajji, S.Hadj Salah, A.Benhalima, K.Charrada, G.Zissis, Physics of Plasmas 23, 9 pp., 063522 ; doi : 10.1063/1.4954306 (2016)
4. Life cycle assessment of fluorescent lamp luminaire used in industry premises - a case study, L.Tähkämö, M.Bazzana, G.Zissis, M.Puolakka, L.Halonen, Lighting Research and Technology 46(3), doi : 10.1177/1477153513480518 (2013)
5. Light-emitting diodes (LED) for domestic lighting : Any risks for the eye ?, F.Behar-Cohen, C.Martinsons, F.Viénot, G.Zissis, A.Barlier-Salsi, J.P.Cesarini, O.Enouf, M.Garcia, S.Picaud, D.Attia, Progress in Retinal and Eye Research 30(4), July 2011, Pages 239-257, doi:10.1016/j.preteyeres.2011.04.002 (2011)
6. Eclairage d’intérieur et ambiances visuelles, JJ.Damelincourt, G.Zissis, Ch.Corbé, B.Paule, Collection Optique & Vision, Lavoisier, Paris, ISBN 978-2-7430-1208-3 (2010)