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par Agnès Gaunie Picart - publié le

"Numerical modelling of spatial and temporal pattern formation in a dc-driven planar gas discharge with a high ohmic barrier" par le Professeur Ismail RAFATOV de Middle East Technical University, Ankara/TURKEY Mardi 13 Juin à 10h Salle des Colloques du Bat 3R2 (Laplace-Site UPS).

Abstract :

Spatiotemporal pattern formation is considered in a planar layered system, consisting of a glow discharge layer, coupled to a high ohmic semiconductor layer. The whole system is sandwiched between two planar electrodes, to which a dc voltage is applied. Two sets of conditions are explored. In one of the regimes, in the case of temporal oscillations that occur in a transversely homogeneous mode, a bifurcation diagram as well as a Lorenz map are derived, demonstrating the transition of the system to chaos through a period-doubling bifurcation cascade [1]. In the other regime, calculations revealed the existence of multiple stationary periodical patterns emerging from the stationary homogeneous mode [2]. These patterns reproduce the hexagonal structures observed in the relevant experiment [3], in the correct parameter regime.

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