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GRE is located on two sites such as the laboratory and the group has metrology devices on both sites. Without making an exhaustive list of all the elements of metrology, GRE has Vector Network Analyzers on both sites, a photoplotter to achieve masks, a Faraday cage of a semi -anechoic chamber....

Technical specifications of Vector Network Analyzers (VNA)

GRE has several Vector Network Analyzers with 2 coaxial access. For multi-port networks, measurements are possible, subject to connect other access to appropriate 50Ω loads.
Measurement capabilities are :

  • passive , active or radiating devices ;
  • characterization of dielectric (complex permittivity of thin substrate) ;
  • 7mm, 3.5mm or K coaxial connectors for ARV outputs but the research group has transitions to measure devices with other coaxial connectors (such as : TNC, BNC, N, SMA, GR874)

Agilent E5071C-2K5 Anritsu 37369C HP 8753C-006
VNA E5071C VNA 37369C VNA HP8753C
connectors 3.5mm K 7mm
frequencies 300kHz – 20GHz 40MHz – 40GHz 300kHz – 6GHz
dynamic range 70dB < ... < 123dB 70dB < ... < 123dB 95dB < ... < 100dB
noise floor < -110dBm < -65dBm < -90dBm
P max (RF access) +26dBm +30dBm +26dBm
DC max 35V - 200mA 40V - 500mA 30V - 500mA

Dielectric measurement

The group is able to measure complex permittivity using the HP 85070B kit.

Dielectric Probe HP85070B

It is possible to measure :

  • with a high temperature coaxial probe (-40 ° C to +200 ° C) ;
  • in 200MHz-6GHz band with the HP8753C VNA (otherwise up to 20GHz with the HP8510B VNA) ;
  • printed circuit substrates or liquids ;
  • with a tolerance of + / -5% on the relative permittivity and + / -0.05 on the dielectric losses.

Faraday cage

GRE has a Faraday cage (84 type from Ternois Industrial Society) with double-shielded copper wire. Its internal dimensions are 2m35 long by 3m10 height and 2m05 wide.

Cage de Faraday

It was given for attenuation :

  • > 80dB from 100kHz to 500kHz ;
  • > 100dB from 500kHz to 350MHz ;
  • > 100dB from 350MHz to 1GHz.


The group has a photoplotter for achieving etch mask with a minimum resolution of 25 microns. It is therefore possible to produce prototypes on substrate (preferably microwave qualified) with single or double copper face(s).

Photoplotter FP3000