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Success for Laplace’s Projects with ANR

par Laurence Laffont - publié le , mis à jour le

"Fantastic achievement" by LAPLACE’s project carriers with 12 projects givent the go amongst the 26 filed (eg a 46% success rate, twice ANR’s targeted rate) !

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Amongst the winners, 5 are coordinated by LAPLACE , but also, our 3 supervisors are implicated : 6 projects managed by the CNRS, 4 by Toulouse INP, 2 by the UT3.

Most of these projects are collaborative and shared on our Toulouse site (CEMES, IMFT, LGC, LCC,…) or on a national scale : Ampère, G2ELab, IRFM, IJL, IMN, IRAP, ITODIS, L2n, LCAR, LSPM, M2P2, PIIM, PROMES, SATIE.

The scientific domains are :
-  Study of Wave Propagation Properties in a Rotating Magnetized plasma (project WARP, lead by the team LAPLACE-GREPHE) ;
-  DESign and evaluaTIon methods for 3D power electronics packaginNg with Integrated cooling (project DESTINI, implying 3DPhi and team LAPLACE-MDCE) ;
-  Growth of Large Carbon Molecules and Metallocarbon Nanoparticles Induced by Organometallic Aggregates (project GROWNANO, lead by team LAPLACE-SCIPRA) ;
-  Interaction Between Turbulent Plasma Transport and Neutral Gas Dynamics at the Edge of Tokamaks for Magnetic Fusion (project PLATUN, lead by LAPLACE-GREPHE) ;
-  Luminescent nanocoMposites by pulsed Injection of solutions iN plasmA (project LUMINA, lead by team LAPLACE-SCIPRA) ;
-  Large Size Diamond Metal Oxide Field Effect Transistor (project LSD-MOSFET, lead by team LAPLACE-CS) ;
-  Topological Optimization of Electromechanical Converters Without Rare Earth and Realization by 3D Printing (project CONVOPTI3D, lead by team LAPLACE-GREM3) ;
-  Silicon Carbide Ultimate Power Switching Cell (projet MUSIC, lead by team LAPLACE-CS) ;
-  Multiscale Electroactive Bio-inspired Living Skin Interfaces in Aeronautics (project EMBIA lead by team LAPLACE-GREM3) ;
-  Fiber Refractometers for In Situ Detection of Aquatic Methane (project FRAME, implying teams LAPLACE-GRE & GREM3) ;
-  Interaction of Biological Targets With Dielectric Thin Films Containing Silver Nanoparticles : Towards Tunable Antimicrobial Surfaces (project BENDIS, implying teams LAPLACE-SCIPRA & DSF) ;
-  Multifrequency Cold plasma at Atmospheric Pressure for Innovative Plasmonic and Magnetic Nanocomposite Thin Film Deposition Process (project PLASSEL, lead by team LAPLACE-SCIPRA).