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Research topics

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Topic 1. Physics and Engineering of low temperature plasmas

Aims : Development of tools for diagnostics and simulations in order (i) to understand basic process and phenomena and (ii) to develop and optimize low temperature plasma sources

Experimental diagnostics and numerical simulations :
Basic data : Experimental measurement and theoretical determination :

Topic 2 : Plasma and radiation interacting with living cells

Aims : (i) Optimization and/or development of new sources of low temperature plasmas for sterilization, decontamination and biomedical treatments (ii) Study of coupling between plasma/electromagnetic radiations and dose effect for radiotherapy

Sterilization and decontamination :
Plasma medecine :
Cellular dosimetry for radiotherapy :

Topic 3 : Plasma for environnement and energy applications

Aims : Study and optimization of properties of non-equilibrium plasmas for pollution control and energetic efficiency in plasma devices and reactors

Chemical pollution control :
Study of high voltage circuit breaker during dielectric recovery :
Energy deposition in RF and microwave discharges :