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par Nicolas Roux - publié le , mis à jour le

Position : Senior Scientist CNRS

Year of arrival in the laboratory : 1988

Tel : +33 (0)5 34 32 24 22


Address :

LAPLACE - Laboratoire PLAsma et Conversion d’Energie


2, rue Charles Camichel

BP 7122

31071 Toulouse Cedex 7

Fields of Scientific Interest :

  • Integrated design methodologies of electrical power systems : treatment of the mission and environment variables, optimization with evolutionary algorithms, robust optimization, combinatorial optimization, reducing the computational complexity through linearization, ...)
  • Architectures and management of energy for autonomous systems (wind and hybrid systems for rural electrification, pumping and desalination) and smart microgrids
  • Design and management of new networks for more electric aircraft ; from the optimization of secondary electrical loads to the propulsion hybridization