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by Bruno Sareni - published on , updated on

«Head» : Bruno Sareni

The research activities of the GENESYS team are focused on the design of future electrical power systems based on the exploitation of hydrogen energy technologies and on systems-oriented methodologies.

Those activities are organized in three scientific axis:

- axis 1: Systems-oriented methodologies for facing complexity in electrical systems
- axis 2: Hydrogen energy technologies : fuel cells and electrolyzers
- axis 3: Integrated design of embedded systems (more electric aircrafts, railway or on road electric vehicles), smart microgrids and power supplies devoted to plasma or dielectric barrier discharge processes

The permanent staff is composed of two CNRS full-time researchers, six professors and associate professors, one emeritus professor and two engineers. This staff is completed by fiveteen PhD students (in average) and by some contactual engineers and Master students.

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