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Main objectives:
- To integrate architecture, sizing and energy management of embedded and transportation systems, or of electrical energy production / and conversion.
- To define models, tools and methodologies for an integrated design of heterogeneous systems in electrical engineering.

Research subjects :
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- Integrated design methodologies for dealing with complexity: synthesis and optimization of heterogeneous systems
system design, integrated design, robust design, multiobjective optimization, multilevel optimization, classification, stochastic modeling, metamodeling.

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- Architecture and energy management of networks and systems:
Quality, stability, EMC, multi-sources hybridization, energy management, embedded systems, sustainable energy systems.
electrical network for aerospace, railway transports, smart grids, hybrid systems with storage.

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- New Technologies for electrical energy production and storage:
modeling, characterization, hybridization, State of Health,’H2/O2 battery’ (fuel cell – electrolyzer gas storage); Lithium Ion accumulator; coupling with renewable energy.

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- Power supply for electrical discharges systems:
modeling of discharge device, sources-plasmas interactions, power supply design, control of discharges.
DBD discharges, Corona discharges, cold plasmas, glidarc.