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by Agnès GP - published on , updated on

Head of group: Guillaume Gateau

Summary of the research activities developed at CS group:
In the field of static conversion of electrical energy, the CS group conducts research on novel power electronic architectures having as main target applications of medium and high power, low and high voltage.

Research is mainly focused on original concepts related to the association of switching cells which can be imbricated, superposed and / or magnetically coupled in parallel. The results are complex circuits which are often highly branched. The increased number of degrees of freedom and redundancies of such topologies is systematically exploited through control of power switches in order to optimize waveforms, fast control of internal state variables and the management of converter faults.

Research and technologies developed in the group aim at new features on energy management as well as applications having high performance in terms of waveform quality, filter compactness and three-dimensional integration achieving high power density.

At the organizational level, the group’s activities are divided into four research topics:

  1. High power multilevel converters and related optimized control
  2. Energy conversion for electrochemical components and renewable energy systems
  3. High performance power electronics integration
  4. Safe and fault-tolerant operation of converter

In symbiosis with its own activities, the Group has contributed to the “transversal” actions FIDIAG and OSDP since the establishment of LAPLACE laboratory. More recently it also contributes to the emergence of a high potential action on the Power Electronics Integration. The group is one of the leading players of a French national collaborative program called 3DPHI.

Download the abstracted presentation of the CS group (2013)
Download the presentation of the CS group (2013)
Download A3 poster presentation of the CS group (2013)