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by Agnès GP, Olivier Pigaglio - published on , updated on

Team leader : Ronan PERRUSSEL

Main objectives: Modeling and design of innovative microwave devices

The research activities of the group are focused on two complementary axes:

  • modeling: numerical methods improvement for electromagnetics and simulation tools dedicated to innovative applications;
  • design: development of new circuit designs, technology implementation and integration, development of filter synthesis.

These two axes help to develop a transverse axis on microwave and plasma engineering, which is a strong marker of the group, developed in close partnership with the LAPLACE group GREPHE under the transversal action 3EP (Electromagnetism Electrodynamics Energy and Plasma).

Presentation of GRE Activities :

Presentation of GRE activities (2015)


Electromagnetism, microwave, modeling, design of passive cricuits in millimeter-wave frequency range, microwave / plasma interaction, material characterization.