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GREPHE is composed of 14 researchers, assistant professors and professors, 1 visiting researcher, and about 20 PhD students and Post-Doc researchers. The activities of GREPHE can be classed into three categories :
non equilibrium plasmas
radiation transport
phase transitions, self-organization, diphasic systems
The research activites of GREPHE lie at the interface between engineering and physics and fundamental as well as technological issues are addressed. Most of the physical systems that are studied are non-equilibrium or far from equilibrium. Modeling and simulation are an essential part of the group’s activities and the group has developed an expertise in the modeling of low temperature plasmas (for a wide variety of applications) and radiation transport. Experimental expertise has been developed for some specific applications such as capillary-driven two-phase loops for cooling (two-phase systems) or glow discharge systems for optical spectroscopy or mass spectrometry. Specific experiments are also designed for model validation (dielectric barrier discharges for plasma displays, lamps, plasma actuators …).
The problems addressed by the group are multiphysics and multiscale in nature and are typical of complex systems. This is the reason why GREPHE is strongly involved in a transversal research program of LAPLACE entitled 3EP : Electromagnetism, Electrodynamics, Energetics and Plasmas - Physics of complexity and non-equilibrium.