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by Agnès GP - published on , updated on

Olivier EICHWALD, Professor - Université Paul Sabatier, Director
Xavier ROBOAM, Director of Research at the C.N.R.S., Director

The LAPLACE laboratory‟s researches weave an “activity continuum” encompassing the production, the transportation, the management, the conversion and the use of the electricity while covering all the aspects right from the study of fundamental processes in solid and gas to the development of processes and systems. Within this widespread field, the major themes concern the plasma discharges as well as plasma applications, the study of the dielectric materials (polymers, in particular) and their integration into the systems, the study and the design of the electrical systems, the optimization of the control and the power converters.

The research topics by their multidisciplinary nature lean on a physical science base willing to study the basic phenomena and introduce new concepts emanating from the fundamental sciences but, evidently, strongly motivated by the constraints and the technological or the environmental locks; they are therefore linked to the industrial activities through various collaborations and participate in the transfer of technologies, especially in the aeronautic domain.

Because of its human potential, LAPLACE is the first French concentration of research in the field of Electrical Engineering and Plasma nationally with 160 fulltime researchers and a similar number of PhD students and postdocs.