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Plasma reactors

by Nicolas Naudé - published on , updated on

A wide range of pressure (from 1mTorr to atmospheric pressure) and frequency (from 50 Hz to 2.45 GHz) Plasma reactors are available in MPP research group:

  • 4 Atmospheric Pressure homogeneous DBD reactors, one of them allowing roll to roll process.
  • 10 low pressure reactors :
    • 1 low frequency discharge.
    • 4 RF discharges (13.56 MHz).
    • 1 cold remote fluidized bed (2,45 GHz).
    • 4 microwave discharges (2,45 GHz): 2 DECR, 1 linear and 1 matrix.
Nitrogen post-discharge assisted deposition on powders in a fluidized bed Thin film deposition on roll to roll process by atmospheric pressure plasma (DBD)
RF diode discharge DECR micro-wave reactor for etching and deposition on Si wafer