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GREPHE Group and Mesostar published in the SCIENCE ADVANCES Edition of the Prestigious Review SCIENCE on a Major Step Forward Concerning Energy

par Laurence Laffont - publié le

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Large spatial scale relationships in urban environments, physically realistic computer generated images from the film "The Teapot in a City under Cumulus Clouds" ( nvillefranque/pub/galerie/teapot_city_clouds.webm), © CNRS / Sorbonne Univ

All energy system professionals express it in their core business : to do better than produce qualitative predictions of thermal behaviors is a quasi-inextricable challenge. From the millimeter of a thermal seal or the thickness of a window pane to the ten kilometer extension of an urban area ; from the minute of wind or sunshine fluctuation to the fifty year life span of an installation : when an energy system involves such scale relationships, its analysis, its dimensioning, its optimization are deemed impossible. We are then led to make descriptive compromises whose impact can only be measured by experts. These difficulties are at the heart of current attempts to develop climate services which, when applied to the energy sector, must make the link between climate change prediction and political choices for the installation of systems anticipating future environmental conditions.

In this perspective article, we propose a new paradigm for modeling energy systems under a changing climate : the "teapot in the city". "City", because the demonstration of this paradigm focuses on the city, which is a key issue in climate change adaptation ; "teapot" in reference to the concept of "teapot in the stadium" in image synthesis, a community that, for the movie and video game industry, has attacked and solved the issue of managing large scale ratios for modeling light propagation in infinitely detailed virtual scenes.

This computer revolution is at the origin of our proposal which
which is then enriched by two elements : on the one hand, major theoretical advances in statistical physics allowing, beyond the only light, to extend the tools of image synthesis to the propagation of energy in the broadest sense ; on the other hand, the integration of data from climate simulations, allowing to take into account the fluctuations of the meteorological conditions at all their scales.

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Original article : « The “Teapot in a City” : A Paradigm Shift in Urban Climate Modeling » - Science Advances
Link to review in french :
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