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Axis 3 : Integrated Design

par Bruno Sareni, David Bonnafous - publié le , mis à jour le

Integrated Design of Embedded Systems (more electric aircrafts, on-road or railway vehicles), smart microgrids and power supplies for plasma processes

Involved Researchers  : Hubert Piquet, Nicolas Roux, Xavier Roboam, Fabien Lacressonnière, Bruno Sareni

This axis, which relies on both transversal axis 1 and 2, deals with typical applications in the field of interest of GENESYS

  • Embedded Power Grids (More Electric Aircrafts, Railway Traction)

For 20 years, GENESYS team has been working on the design of power grids in the frame of more electric aircrafts exploiting MDO approaches mentioned in axis 1. Research is now focusing on hybrid propulsion with the HASTECS Europeen project (

Other studies are dealing with the stability of power grids espcially for railway systems. They consists in identifiying the grid components likely to cause disturbances or instabilities and to propose palliative solutions in terms of sizing or energy management to remedy them.

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  • Isolated or Grid-connected Microgrids exploiting Renewable Energies

GENESYS is also working on the design of of isolated or grid-connected microgrids with studies focused on the techno-economic optimization and the exploitation of hydrogen energy for electricity production or storage in order to overcome the intermittence of renewable energies.

  • Power supplies for plasma processes

The last topic deals with the design of power supplies for plasma processes tageting several applications : UV lamps, NOx abatement reactor, plasma jet for desinfection of wounds… The objective is to optimize the efficiency of these systems from the characteristics of the process and of the power supply (sizing and topology).