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LADOUX Philippe

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Professeur des Universités (INP)
Tel : +33 5 34 32 23 96

Adresse postale :
LAPLACE – LAboratoire PLAsma et Conversion d’Energie
2, rue Charles Camichel
BP 7122
31071 Toulouse Cedex 7

Groupe de recherche Convertisseur Statique
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Biographie/ Biography

Philippe Ladoux was born in Cahors, France, in 1963. He received the Engineer degree from the Institute of Engineering “ENSEEIHT” of Toulouse in 1987. He received the PhD degree in electrical engineering from the “Institut National Polytechnique” of Toulouse in 1992. From 2001 to 2009, he was Manager of the Static Converters Research Group at LAPLACE (Energy Conversion and Plasma Laboratory). He is currently Professor at the “Institute of Engineering “ENSEEIHT” of Toulouse, he teaches Power Electronics and his research interests are Multilevel Converters for High Power Applications. He is also involved in the steering committee of the international conferences SPEEDAM and ESARS and in the board of directors of PCIM Europe

Thèmes de Recherche/Research Topics

My research activity focuses on the study of new topologies for power quality in high-power applications. My methodological approach consists in designing, knowing the properties of the sources and the loads, power conversion architectures by association of converters or elementary cells so as to obtain optimized waveforms exploiting to the best the properties of high voltage semiconductors such as IGBTs, IGCTs and SiC MOSFETs. The field of application is railway electric traction as well as medium and high voltage electric transmission systems.

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