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High performance power electronics integration

par Agnès GP - publié le

Power electronics integration is essentially two-dimensional because the design is constrained by the need for a heat exchange surface. The development of a new technological process for using the third dimension must give degrees of freedom and allow to obtain more compact systems that are easier to produce in an automated manner, and therefore less expensive.

< Methods and tools for the design and prototyping of integrated static converters [2012-2015, PhD : L. Havez]
8-phase isolated multicell parallel converter based on silicon MOSFET transistors (28V/270V - 12kW - 50kHz)
Integration of common-mode and differential-mode capacitor on alumina substrate. Application : Silicon MOSFET-based commutation cell
8-phase monolithic intercell transformer for high efficiency battery charger (20kHz - 137kW - efficiency 98%)
Opposition method test bench, controlled by FPGA board and Matlab© interface. It has been built to automatically characterize switching losses of Wide Bandgap and classical silicon components. [2012-2015, PhD : J. Brandelero]
A modular control dedicated to a coupled multiphase DC/DC micro-converter is implemented in an integrated circuit using the CMOS 0.35um 5V technology. This circuit consists in auto-alignment generation of interleaved carriers, balancing the currents in each phase by using the master-less modular current-sharing method. [2010-2013, PhD : Z. Xiao]