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Research Group in Energy, Electricity & Systemics


Main objectives:
To integrate architecture, sizing and energy management of embedded and transportation systems, or of electrical energy production / and conversion.
To define models, tools (...)

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Team members

Lastname FirstnameStaff or PartnershipPersonal Page Permanent staff BELINGER Antoine MDC / UPS Web page (...)

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Partnerships are sorted according to their type and research subjects.
Current industrial partners are:
Current academic partners are: (...)

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Defended PhD

List of all defended PhDs in GENESYS team.
Christophe Lochot
Modelling and characterization of coupled phenomena in a railway asynchronous traction chain --- Thesis in French
PhD defended on (...)

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Publications of GENESYS Since 2016
Peer-reviewed journals
Sami El Aabid, Jérémi Régnier, Christophe Turpin, Olivier Rallières, E. Soyez, N. Chadourne, J. D’Arbigny, T. Hordé, (...)

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