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François BOIGE : Laureate of the Académie des Sciences de TOULOUSE’s Innovation Prize 2020

par Laurence Laffont - publié le

After graduating in 2015 with a degree in Electrical Engineering from ENS Paris-Saclay, François BOIGE joined the LAPLACE CS group for his Master’s degree.
His first works were rewarded by the 1st Prize "Young Researcher" of the SEE-Région Occitanie.
He followed through with a PhD contract for "Normalien" co-supervised by Frédéric RICHARDEAU and Stéphane LEFEBVRE (CNAM Paris - Satie) in the framework of an ANR.
During this period, François BOIGE explored and modeled the behavior in extreme short-circuit regime of a new technology of power semiconductor, the silicon carbide (SiC) Mosfet, of which he was able to highlight singular physical and technological properties. One of them is particularly original and valuable because, for the first time in power electronics, the conditions for obtaining an intrinsic failure mode of the "fail-to-open" type have been clearly established on this type of component, opening the way to highly secure converters.
In collaboration with David TRÉMOUILLES from LAAS-CNRS, his work also demonstrated the relevance of monitoring the gate leakage current of the component to detect an extreme situation of operation at high temperature, for a fast and robust protection.
On this basis and with the contribution of Jean-Marc BLAQUIÈRE and Sébastien VINNAC, a new electronic circuit for close control was designed, validated and patented in 2020 by SATT TTT.
Also during his thesis, François BOIGE was a leading contributor in the inter-laboratory collaboration Laplace - PEMCG (Power Electronics Machine and Control Group of the University of Nottingham) in connection with Pr. Alberto CASTELAZZI, within the framework of an international support of Toulouse INP.
Following his defense in October 2019, François BOIGE was awarded the Thesis Excellence Award, Léopold Escande of Toulouse INP and of the GEET Doctoral School in Electrical Engineering.
More recently, on April 9, 2021, for all his work at LAPLACE, the Academy of Sciences, Inscriptions and Belles-Lettres of TOULOUSE awarded him the 1st Innovation 2020 Prize.

For more information :
François BOIGE is currently the scientific and technical director of the start-up Power Design Technologies :

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