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Researches of the GENESYS team are supported by several facilities and experimental testbenches

  • The microgrid platform :

This platform allows the PHIL (Power Hardware In the Loop) simulation of AC/DC microgrids (up to 50 kW) including multiple energy sources (PV, wind, thermal unit), storage devices (battery, fuell cell and electrolyzer association) and emulated loads.

Two different kinds of emulators are exploited :
- model-based emulators reproducing the mathematical/physical model of the components
- « copy-image » based emulators reproducing the behavior of real components tested under specific and mastered environmental conditions (at identical or reduced scales)

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  • The Hydrogen plateform :

This platform allows testing fuel cells (HT/LT PEMFC, SOFC) and electrolyzers for their characterization (physcical behavior and aging) and integration in electrical systems.

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  • Experimental testbenches for power supplies of plasma processes :

The GENESYS team has a significant experience in developping testbenches for plasma processes : DBD UV lamps, NOx abatement reactor, plasma jet for desinfection of wounds).

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