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Conclusion of the HASTECS Project: "A Tremendous Success for Future Hybrid Electric Aircraft Propulsion Systems More respectful of the Environment"

by Laurence Laffont - published on

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The HASTECS Project -Hybrid Aircraft; Academic reSearch on Thermal and Electrical Components and Systems-, led by the LAPLACE laboratory (Toulouse INP-CNRS-UPS) as part of the European program "Clean Sky 2" (H2020) exceeds the expected results. It identifies the most promising technologies and breakthroughs, innovates on tools to increase the efficiency of electrical processes and reduces the weight of hybrid propulsion systems for future aircraft more environmentally friendly. Associated with CIRIMAT (high energy density batteries) and the Pprime Poitiers Institute (thermal systems), LAPLACE has worked on various technologies and scientific concepts: high-integration power electronics (CS team) and its cooling (GREPHE and Pprime teams), high density electric motors (GREM3 team) integrating partial discharge constraints (MDCE team), fuel cells and system integration (GENESYS team).

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