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Axis 2 : Hydrogen Energy Technologies

par Bruno Sareni, David Bonnafous - publié le , mis à jour le

Hydrogen Energy Technologies : Fuel Cells and Electrolyzers

Contact : Christophe Turpin

For 20 years, the genesys group has been working on the characterization and modeling of fuel cells with a view to their integration into future electrical systems.
Previous works mainly focused on LT PEMFCs have been completed in recent years by the study of new technologies : HT PEMFC (160 ° C) and IT-SOFC (650 ° C) in collaboration with SAFRAN.

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The characterization of the performance of fuel cells is based on methodologies exploiting design of experiments associated with the operating conditions (T, P, HR, flow) and on Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS). Our team is interested in modeling the behavior of fuel cells under healthy conditions, but also in studying aging mechanisms for diagnosis and prognosis.

Research is now focusing more particularly on :

  • Characterization and modeling in healthy state
  1. PEMFC in aeronautics conditions
  2. SOFC (in collaboration with CIRIMAT).
  • Characterization and modeling of aging

LT and HT PEMFC : aging in dynamic states (impact of di/dt, effect of harmonics coming from static converters, effects of start/stop operations), calendar aging, accelerated aging.

  • Diagonosis/prognosis of the FC state of health (in collaboration with CODIASE team) :
  1. Model and signal based methods
  2. Progonosis based on the superposition principle
  3. Diagnosis enrichment : new sensors (CO2, H2, acid…), post-mortem analysis

At the same time, additional studies are also focusing on electrolysers (PEMWE, SOWE, aqueous in collaboration with LGC) and H2 storage (hydrides) in the context of green hydrogen production and Power-to-gas.

All of this work feeds into reflections at the "system" level by relying on H2 bricks : direct cell / battery / supercapacitor hybridization, mastery of electrolyzer / H2 storage / fuel cell couplings, use of the combustion of the H2 to produce heat (in collaboration with IMFT), contribution to the emergence of multifunctional batteries / electrolysers (in collaboration with LGC).